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 {{:​menu_bbot.png?​|}} {{:​menu_bbot.png?​|}}
-Press **CTRL+SHIFT** on your keyboard, will show quickly ​bbot'​s ​menu. +Pressing ​**CTRL+SHIFT** on your keyboard, will show the quick bbot menu. 
-This menu has some functions ​that I will describe ​below:+This menu'​s ​functions will be described ​below:
-  * **Pause All BBot:​** ​Press this option ​will stop all functions. +  * **Pause All BBot:​** ​Click this option ​to stop **ALL** ​functions. 
-  * **Pause Healer:​** ​Press this option ​will stop only Healer function. +  * **Pause Healer:​** ​Click this option ​to stop only **Healer** function. 
-  * **Pause Basic Tools:​** ​Press this option ​will stop all Basic Tools funcionts (Basic Functions, Hud & Informations,​ Protector and Trade Helper). +  * **Pause Basic Tools:​** ​Click this option ​to stop all **Basic Tools** funcionts (//Basic Functions, Hud & Informations,​ Protector and Trade Helper//). 
-  * **Pause Healer Tools:​** ​Press this option ​will stop all Healer Tools functions (Friend Healer, Healer, Mana Tools and Re-Users & Cures). +  * **Pause Healer Tools:​** ​Click this option ​to stop all **Healer Tools** functions (//Friend Healer, Healer, Mana Tools and Re-Users & Cures//). 
-  * **Pause Automation Tools:​** ​Press this option ​will stop all Automation Tools (Enchanter, Trainer, Killer, Cavebot and Looter). +  * **Pause Automation Tools:​** ​Click this option ​to stop all **Automation Tools** functions ​(//Enchanter, Trainer, Killer, Cavebot and Looter//). 
-  * **Pause War Tools:​** ​Press this option ​will stop all War Tools functions (Basic War, War.NET and Allies & Enemies). +  * **Pause War Tools:​** ​Click this option ​to stop all **War Tools** functions (//Basic War, War.NET and Allies & Enemies//). 
-  * **Pause Advanced Tools:​** ​Press this option ​will stop all Advanced Tools (Macro, Macro Editor and Variables). +  * **Pause Advanced Tools:​** ​Click this option ​to stop all **Advanced Tools** functions ​(//Macro, Macro Editor and Variables//). 
-  * **Show/Hide BBot:​** ​Press this option ​once will hide your bbot in the systrayPress again and will show your bbot on the screen+  * **Show/Hide BBot:​** ​Click this option ​to hide your bbot from your taskbarClick again to show. 
-  * **Show Statistics:​** ​Press this option ​Will show for a few moment ​all the statistics about your character. +  * **Show Statistics:​** ​Click this option ​to show for a few moments ​all your character's statistics
-  * **Stealth ScreenShot:​** ​Shot a screenshot without any HUD option+  * **Stealth ScreenShot:​** ​Click to shoot a screenshot without any HUD (onscreen) information(//Saves at */​Bbot/​Screenshots///​) 
-  * **Normal ScreenShot:​** ​Shot normally ​screenshot.+  * **Normal ScreenShot:​** ​Click to shoot normal ​screenshot. (//Saves at */​Bbot/​Screenshots///​) 
 +  * **Anti Push** Click to enable. It will automatically drop junk (gold and empity vials) at your feet, so noone can push you. 
 +  * **Fast Hand** Click to enable. While at DP, it will try to move any item between 2 deposit chests over to your own. 
 +  * **Auto Roper** Click to enable. It will automatically use rope on open holes on the floor. 
 +  * **Loot Bag Kicker** Click to enable. It will automatically move the closest container (BP, bag, parcel) to your feet, and keep doing that while you walk.
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