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 ====== Enchanter ====== ====== Enchanter ======
 ===== Summary ===== ===== Summary =====
 The **Enchanter** makes runes or enchanted spears for you. The **Enchanter** makes runes or enchanted spears for you.
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 ===== Settings ===== ===== Settings =====
-**Enchant**+  Blank Rune: makes the enchanter search for blank rune to do magical items.
-Blank Rune - makes the enchanter search for blank rune to do magical items+  * Spear: makes the enchanter search for spears to do magical items.
-Spear - makes the enchanter search for spears to do magical items+**Cast:** type in the spell to enchant a blank rune or a spear.
-**Cast:** the spell to enchant a blank rune or a spear+**Mana:** the minimun mana to enchant.
-**Mana:** the minimun mana to enchant +**Soul:** the minimun soul to enchant.
- +
-**Soul:** the minimun soul to enchant+
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