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HUD Informations & Statistics

The HUD Informations & Statistics is the statistics center, it usually works showing statistics on the game screen.

Estimated Creature Level: adds a approximate level of the creature based on its speed. Tip: if the estimated creature level show is smaller than the real player level the player is using speed boost items / spells like Boots of Haste, Zaoan Armor, Beetle Amulet…

Advanced Messages: when you advance a percent on any skill or magic level the advance is shown on the screen

Exp Informations: adds the following statistics on the screen: Exp to next level, Gained exp on the session, Exp per hour, Hunting time, Time to the next level

Exp Got Informations: every time you get a experience the BBot add the following message on the screen: ???x the exp gained to level

Auto Show Statistics: will auto show the SHIFT+HOME informations on the screen

Spells Timer: when you cast a spell that changes your status it will display the time to the status end, sample: “Haste: xx”

Magic Wall Timer: add a timer on the magic wall that let you know how many time the magic wallwill expire

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