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HUD Informations & Statistics


The HUD Informations & Statistics is the statistics center, it usually works showing statistics on the game screen.

Estimated Creature Level: adds a approximate level of the creature based on its speed. Tip: if the estimated creature level show is bigger than the real player level the player is using speed boost items / spells like Boots of Haste, Zaoan Armor, Beetle Amulet, Mounts, Haste, Strong Haste…

Advanced Messages: when you advance a percent on any skill or magic level the advance is shown on the screen → Sample: Skill grew: axe 31/100

Exp Statistics: adds the following statistics on the screen: Exp to next level, Gained exp on the session, Exp per hour, Hunting time, Time to the next level

Exp Gain Informations: every time you get a experience the BBot shows you how many times you need to get it to the next level → Sample: +12x the exp gained to level

Auto Show Statistics: will auto show the SHIFT+HOME informations on the screen

Spells Timer: when you cast a spell that changes your status it will display the time to the status end, sample: “Haste: xx”

Magic Wall Timer: add a timer on the magic wall that let you know how many time the magic wallwill expire

Reset All Statistics this button reset all the statistics of the BBot, including monsters killed, suplies, looted items, exp informations…

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