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 ====== Looter ====== ====== Looter ======
 +===== Summary =====
 The **Looter** is a group of features that help on the automation of looting / opening corpses. The **Looter** is a group of features that help on the automation of looting / opening corpses.
-====== Settings ======+===== Settings =====
-**Open Corpses:** open corpses on the screen.+**Open Corpses:** open the corpses of the last killed target.
-**-> 1 SQM Limit:** extends the **Open Corpses** to open only when you're 1 sqm away of the corpse.+  * **Smart:** after he killed the first creature, the body that opens and starts to kill the next, merging and making it faster and smarter. 
 +  * **Loot Before Kill:** Kill the creature and only then opens the body. Always performs the same steps. **Kill** > **Opens the body**. 
 +  * **Loot After Kill:** Only will open the bodies after killing all the creatures that are on your //range//.
-**-> Approach before open:** extends the **Open Corpses** to get next of the corpse before opening it.+''**Note:** For the 3 above options work properly, we need the **Chase Auto Off** is selected from the tibia, and the **Distance** from the **Killer** has a value **//>=1//**''
-**Skin Corpses (OB/BWS):** use **Obsidian Knife** and **Blessed Wooden Stake** on Vampires, Behemoths, Demons...+**Fishing Rod on Water Elementals:** use the fishing rod on the dead water elementals.
-**Separate Loot:** create a loot list to organize Green/Blue Djinns and Rashid items on the backpacks.+**Skin Corpses //Obsidian// and //Blessed//:** use **Obsidian Knife** and **Blessed Wooden Stake** on Vampires, Behemoths, Demons, etc.
 **Loot:** loot item from backpacks. **Loot:** loot item from backpacks.
-**-> Combo Loot (Fast):** extends the **Loot** to move multiple items at the same timeit is lot faster.+**-> Eat Food from Corpses:** this eat food from the dead monsters. 
 +**-> Rust Remover:** Will use //Flask of Rust Remover// in //rusty armor// and //rusty legs//. 
 +**Rare Loot alarm:** start a alarm if the last killed creature drops an item wished by the player. 
 +**Separate Loot:** create a loot list to organize Green/Blue Djinns and Rashid items on the backpacks. 
 +===== Configure Lootable Items ===== 
 +On this screen you select the items the **Looter** will getalso you can configure their target backpacks, including the ground as target too. 
 +If you want to drop determined item while not having enough cap for pick up more important items, you can check //Cavebot Dropable// while the item is still selected in the right box. 
 +**__Search box__:** type the name or ID of the desired item and press <ENTER> 
 +**__Loot Button__:** just press the //Looter button// to add the item in the right list. 
 +**__Set BP__:** 
 +  * **Bp 1-16...18-∞:** selects the backpacks that are currently open 
 +  * **17. Ground:** select this if you want to drop items on the ground 
 +**__Don't Loot Button__:** just press the //Don't Loot Button// to remove the item from the right list
-**Eat Food from Corpses:** this eat food from the dead monsters+**__Dropable__:** used in conjunction with the command: [[add_types#drop_loot|Add Types > Drop Loot]]
-**Fishing Rod on Water Elementals:** use the fishing rod on the dead water elementals+**__Depositable__:** 
 +  * **Y:** item depositable in the depot 
 +  * **N:** item not depositable in the depot
-====== Configure Lootable Items ======+**__Ok Button__:** click this button after finishing all the configuration. 
 +==== How to Configure ====
-On this screen you select the items that the **Looter** movesalso you can configure their target backpacks and even on the ground.+  - In the **Not Looting** box, write the name of the item. 
 +  - After found the item, just click on the **Loot** button. 
 +  - In the **Looting** boxselect the item and set bp, selecting the bp in the option **Set BP**. 
 +  - Check or uncheck **Depositable** option. Great for don't let the //bbot// deposit their //Mana Potions// or //Health Potions// that you looted of the creatures. 
 +  - Finally, click on the **OK** button.
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