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The Looter is a group of features that help on the automation of looting / opening corpses.


Open Corpses: open the corpses of the last killed target.

→ 1 SQM Limit: extends the Open Corpses to open only when your char is only 1 sqm away from the corpse.

→ Approach before open: extends the Open Corpses to get next of the corpse before opening it.

Skin Corpses (OB/BWS): use Obsidian Knife and Blessed Wooden Stake on Vampires, Behemoths, Demons…

Separate Loot: create a loot list to organize Green/Blue Djinns and Rashid items on the backpacks.

Loot: loot item from backpacks.

→ Combo Loot (Fast): extends the Loot to move multiple items at the same time, it is a lot faster.

Eat Food from Corpses: this eat food from the dead monsters

Fishing Rod on Water Elementals: use the fishing rod on the dead water elementals

Configure Lootable Items

On this screen you select the items that the Looter moves, also you can configure their target backpacks and even on the ground.

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