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-==== Trainer ==== 
-The **Trainer** is a helper to let you train with slimes, monks, gargoyles or other training monsters. 
-==== The HP/Monk Training ==== 
-The **HP Training** is a feature that allows you to hit creatures but not kill them, while they have health the BBot attacks and when the creature is with low health the BBot stop attacking. Note: the HP Training will not attack monsters that are not on the //Trainers List//, this way you can bring monsters to train your shield like Rats or Bugs. 
-**How to setup the HP Training** Its very easy, on the //Trainers List// select the training creature, on the most famous case the Monk, check the Monk and bring some rats to train your shield, then setup the **Attack HP** and the **Stop HP** and enable the feature. 
-**Attack HP:** The minimun HP the monster needs to the bot start attacking 
-**Stop HP:** The minimun HP that will make the bot stop the attack. 
-==== The Slime Training ==== 
-The **Slime Training** is a feature that allows you to kill creatures that copies itself. in the most famous case Slime, but it works for any creature. It work killing everything that is not on a //Trainers List//, on the Slime case, you can set it to kill the summons of a mother, the mother will be on the //Trainers List//. 
-**How to setup the Slime Training** Its very easy, do a small hit on the Slime Mother and then on the BBot Trainer click on the **Refresh** button (at the bottom of the Trainer tab), then check the Slime Moon on the list and enable the **Slime Training** checking the option. 
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