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Basic War

War Tools is the section of the BBot focused in PVP. It allows you to make unbelivable combos with your friends, shoot magic wall runes in front of your targets, Dash and marks who is your enemies and who is your allies.

Lock Target: locks your target, so even if you change floors or lost it, BBot will keep tracking your target.

Magic Wall in front of targetEnd: shoots a magic wall rune in front of the target.

[!] Dash 1 Delete 1): makes your char move much faster than normal. Press Delete button one time to activate and onne more to desactivate the function.

[!] Dash 2 Num Keys 2): as dash 1 but to move fast you have to use the Num Keys.


  • Page Down: shoots the current selected rune.
  • Page Up: changes the rune.
  • Runes: here you can select three different types of runes.


  • Leaders: type in the players you want to combo with. The names must be separated by commas.
  • Cast Spell/Select rune type to combo.
1) , 2)
[!] Extension of the Unsafe Features.
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