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BBot's MC

On the main login screen, click on “Open Multi-Client”.

On the MegaMC screen, configure your settings:

Name: A Nickname so you know what Tibia client this is. (For example if you use Global, OTserver)

File: Click on the […] button, locate your Tibia.exe file.

Param: If you want, you can set a parameter to load this client, using one of the four following parameters:

  • engine 0: Load the Directx 5 automatically.
  • engine 1: Load the OpenGL automatically.
  • engine 2: Load the Directx 9 automatically.
  • path “DIR”: Load settings and automap from given directory.

Register: Saves your settings.

Now that you have created a list with all the diferent Tibia clients you use, you can open as many as you want, by double clicking the name in the list on the left.

PS: If you only use one Tibia client, for example Global, you can Register only 1 client in the list, and then open multiple instances of that client by double clicking it's name on the list, as many times as you like.

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