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The Friend Healer


The Friend Healer was made to help druids, but on the end, it was a multi-vocation friend healer, you can heal your friends by using potions or runes, and if you're a druid you can use the 'SIO' spell.

Adding a Friend

To add a friend to Friend Healer is pretty easy, just fill in the fields, here is a explanation of what each field do:

Name: the name of your friend comes here, no secret.

Use: here you simply tell the BBot what he should use to heal your friends, and after setting it, simply add the heal setup to the friends list (clicking on Add) and Active the Friend Healer to see the magic.

HP: here you put a percentage of your friend's life to heal.

My HP: put a minimum health to heal your friend, you can't heal your friends if you're on the verge of death.

My Mana: put a minimum mana to heal your friend, you can't heal your friend if you're with any mana.

After this, just click on the Add Friend button.

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