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Killer List


Creature: name of the creature you wish to attack.

Priority: this tool is used to set what monster will be attack first when more than two different appear at the same time on the screen. The priority works from grade +5 grade till grade +0.

  • - Ignore: add this to ignore a monster.
  • +0 Priority
  • +1 Low
  • +2 Medium
  • +3 High
  • +4 Very High
  • +5 Ultra High

Avoid Waves: makes the BBot stay on the diagonal of the creature, this way your char doesn't get wave hits.

Distance: Put a value >=1 and auto-follow turn on and makes the char attacks the target from X SQMs away, where X is defined by the user. When put the value 0 turn off the auto-follow.


Manage Attack Sequences to use more than one spells, runas or macros to attack the creatures or players. Tutorial: Attack Sequences

  • Auto Macro: in this slot, the command written will be executed every 0.6 seconds.
  • On Attack: macro executed while the creature is being attacked.
  • After Attack: macro executed when the taget is changed, when a creature dies or when the creature leaves the screen.

The macros is a powerful way to extend the killer, for example, you can use them to wear rings or amulets

After all configured, simply click the Add button.

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