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The Re-User is the section where you can automate every kind of spell that is needed to be casted every small amount of time, like Haste or spells that need to be activated constantly as Magic Shield.

Cast Spells

Here is the group of spells.

  • Haste → 'utani hur'
  • Strong Haste → 'utani gran hur'
  • Magic Shield → 'utamo vita'
  • Invisible → 'utana vid'
  • Recovery → 'utura'
  • Int. Recovery → 'utura gran'
  • Sharpshooter → 'utito tempo san'
  • Swift Foot → 'utamo tempo'
  • Blood Rage → 'utito tempo'
  • Protector → 'utamo tempo'
  • Charge → 'utani tempo hur'
  • Light → 'utevo lux'
  • Great Light → 'utevo gran lux'
  • Ultimate Light → 'utevo vis lux'


Here is the group of item that need to be re-equip from time to time.

  • Amulet
  • Ammo: ammunations(arrow slot).
  • Ring
  • Soft Boots
  • Left Hand: re-equip items in left hand as for example spears.
  • Right Hand: re-equip items in right hand.


Here is the group of spells that cure debuff status as poisoned.

  • Poison
  • Curse
  • Bleeding
  • Eletrification
  • Burning
  • Paralyze: here you can choose what spell to cast to take out paralyze. The small square at the right is the mana needed to cast the spell.
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