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The BBot War.NET is a way to share character status, like hp, mana and position with your friends. This feature allow you to see your friends like a radar and make better combos by using a proprietary “war” protocol.

You and your friends needs to connect to a War Server, the next steps will teach you how to do it.

Creating a room

To start a WarNET session with your friends, a leader must create a room, which your friends will connect.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Select a server
  2. Click on Create Room button

The room setup will pop up, you need to insert the room configuration. The BBot War room contain three settings that will be explained below:

  • Room name: this is the name of your room. Room names not contain symbols, only numbers, spaced and letters are allowed.
  • Password: this is the room password, when your friends use this password they will be normal players on your room (they will not be leaders).
  • Leader Password: this is the leader password, when your friends use this password they will became a leader of the room.

By clicking Ok your room will be created.

Joining a room

By following these two steps you just created a room, now let's teach your friends to join the room you just created.

The current BBot War rooms will be automatically displayed on the first list of the War.NET screen. Double-click the room of your friend to connect to it.

After double-clicking a room you will be asked for a password.

Type the public or the leader password to join a room.

Leader vs Public password

Your room will have two passwords, a public password and a leader password. When you create a room you will be automatically set a leader, and then you share your password with your friends. If your friend use a leader password he will be a leader, otherwise will be a normal player.

Player Powers

  • Can place signals
  • Displayed on everyone's game screen when the following conditions occur:
  • 1. When a signal is sent
  • 2. When the player HP is below 60%
  • 3. When the player Mana is below 30%

Leader Powers

  • Can place signals
  • Always shown on everyone's game screen
  • Can use creature target combos
  • Can use item position combos


Before learning about Signals and Combo, you first need to setup a trigger, a way to active your combo or signal. Triggers can be hotkeys, a message (or spell) and a item shoot (like a sudden death).


The signal is a way to call your friends attention. Signals may be a “help” or “attack” request. You can setup a signal to display any message with any color and own duration.

Signals are very helpful because they will make you be displayed on game screen of your friends even if you're not leader. However you will be shown only while the signal is alive.


The Combo is a way to make all your team execute a same action on the same time. This action can be a macro, a spell, shoot a rune, or even sequences of those items. The combo sync a attack sequence with your friends.

To use a Combo, your team need to setup combo with the same name. Each player can set different combos, the War Room will execute each player attack sequence that share the combo name sent.

Only leaders can active combos.

Item Combo

The Item Combo is like a normal combo, however it is automatically active when a leader use a item on the map. This item can be a gold coin, a magic wall or a fire field. Note however that the item combo will randomize the target position, trying to make a wall.

There's one rule to use Item Combos, if your leader use a magic wall rune and he have the Item Combo feature enabled, to help your leader with the combo you MUST have the magic wall rune on a open backpack.

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