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The Powers of the BBot is a DokuWiki made to help & teach the BBot users to use it better and easier, The Powers of the BBot documentation describes what each function is, in a way that makes the use of the BBot easier.

BBot's Menu

BBot's Menu - Fast access

Bbot's MC - Integrated

Basic Tools

Basic Functions - Various Helpers

HUD & Informations - Statistics and Informations center

Protector - Do not let the unexpected catch you

Trade Helper - The money was never so easy

Healing Tools

Friend Healer - Use UH or Exura Sio or even Potions has never been so easy

Healer - Heal yourself by using the best ways for the worst wars and hunts

Mana Tools - Tired of using potions? Let me do it for you

Re-User - Keep your hands for more important things

Automations Tools

Enchanter - The runes were never so cheap

Trainer - The faster way to achieve your dreams

Killer - Destroy your opponents using the best spells

Cavebot - Get over your opponents in the blink of an eye

Looter - Be quick

War Tools

Basic War - Kill them

Allies & Enemies - Be careful

War.NET - Be better and faster than your enemies

Advanced Tools

Macros - Leave the limits in the past

Macro Editor - Make the most powerfull macros

Variables - Customize the Globals

Special SQM's - Help me get smarter

Samples - So easy

Macros Commands - The BBot macro functions

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